Publications 01

Apart from his translation of Terence, Bernard's first publication appears to have been a catechism as follows.
Title: A large catechisme following the order of the common authorized catechisme published for the vse of his Christian friends and welwillers, the inhabitants of Worsopp, Gainsborough, and Epworth by Richard Barnerd, Master of Artes and preacher of Gods Word.
Imprint: [Cambridge, England]: Printed by Iohn Legat, printer to the Vniuersitie of Cambridge ... and are to be sold at the signe of the Crowne in Pauls Churchyard by Simon Waterson, 1602.
Date: 1602
No. pages: [2], 68 [i.e. 70] p
Notes: Signatures, numerous errors in paging, imperfect: print show-through.
Copy from: Peterhouse (University of Cambridge) Library.
The catechism is in five parts and at the end there is 'A short explanation of the Lord's Prayer, Creed and ten Commandments and sacraments, to bee learned of the ruder sort, made into prayers' and some seven "psalms" (Ps 80 and others on the Queen's majesty, for knowledge of God's Word, for mercy and confession, to live well and on God's goodness to the upright).

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