Large Catechism 04

Q. What reasons have you to persuade yourself that this Scripture which we hold is the true Word of God and none other?
A. First, from the penmen being many and most of them simple and plain persons who do mutually consent setting down their own faults without partiality.
Secondly, from the matter, above natural men's reach, of man's creation, resurrection, last judgement, and of the Trinity in unity.
Thirdly, from the manner of speaking, peremptorily reproving or allowing without sinister respects.
Fourthly, from the effect, binding conscience, converting men to have even life itself, for God's glory.
Fifthly, the miraculous preservation thereof with punishment of such as seek to overthrow either it or the professors thereof.
Lastly, that it ascribes all glory to God, the main end which it aimeth at.

Q. What means must you use to come to the saving knowledge of this Word?
A. 1. Daily reading
2. Learning the catechism, the grounds of religion
3. Hearing the Word with mind and affection, both read and preached publicly by God’s ministers.
4. Meditation in mind to understand the doctrine gathered and in heart to affect the use made, after I have either read or heard it.
5. Conference by asking superiors and ministers, by reasoning with equals and teaching inferiors, all in reverence and humility, to understand that I know not, to be resolved in that I have forgotten.
6. Continual prayer with practice of it in my particular calling.

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