Publications 06

Title: The faithfull shepheard amended and enlarged: with the shepeards practise in preaching annexed thereunto: or his maner of feeding his flocke. Published by Richard Barnerd preacher of God's Word at Worsopp, Nottinghamshire Much in a little: see the contents. 2 Tim 2:15 Study to shew thyself, etc.
Imprint: London: Printed by Arnold Hatfield for Iohn Bill, 1609.
Date: 1609
No. pages: [12], 95, [5], 21, [1] p.
Notes: "The shepheards practise: or his maner of feeding his flocke" has separate pagination and dated title page; register is continuous.
Copy from: Bodleian Library
This is the first expansion of the 1607 work. It is preceded by a two page dedication this time 'to the right reverend father James by the providence of God Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells' and, as before, just over three pages 'to his brethren of the ministry, and the beloved readers' - the same man as before but now elevated to a bishopric.

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