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Title: Christian advertisements and counsels of peace Also disswasions from the separatists schisme, commonly called Brownisme, which is set apart from such truths as they take from vs and other reformed churches, and is nakedly discouered, that so the falsitie thereof may better be discerned, and so iustly condemned and wisely auoided. Published, for the benefit of the humble and godlie louer of the trueth. By Richard Bernard, preacher of Gods word.
Reade (my friend) considerately; expound charitably; and iudge, I pray thee, without partialitie: doe as thou wouldst bee done unto. Philippians 3:16 In that whereunto, etc.
Imprint: At London: Imprinted by Felix Kyngston, 1608.
Date: 1608
No. pages: [16], 192+ p.
Notes: Answered the same year by Henry Ainsworth (1571-1622?) in Counterpoyson; in 1609 by John Smyth (d 1612) Paralleles, censures, observations Aperteyning: to three several writinges (ie 1. A letter to Bernard from Smyth 2. Bernard's book 3. Ainsworth's book) and in 1610 by John Robinson (1575?-1625) in A iustification of separation (this latter work available online here); Signatures: A-N O4.; Imperfect; all after N8 (page 192) lacking.
Copy from: Emmanuel College (University of Cambridge) Library
The work is preceded by around five pages of dedication 'to the right worshipfull and Christian professors, Sir George Saintpoll Knight, and to that vertuous Ladie Saintpoll, both his singular and ever good Benefactors' and a further five and a half 'to the godly reader'. A contents page reveals that the chief division of the work is between the counsels (1-20) and disswasions (the rest of the book). Lady St Paul is Frances Wray (d 1634) sister of Isabel who was married first to Sir George St Paul of Snarford (c 1562-1613).

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