Isle of Man Part 06

5. The fifth is called Custom; this old Sire patroniseth many vain and sinful practices. By this the Jews held it no sin in them to demand, and in Pilate to let loose to them, a wicked Barabbas, one worthy to die for insurrection and murder.
6. The sixth is a Popish fellow called Forefathers; he advanceth his ancestors and their worth, and thinketh so well of them that to imitate them is no sin. Thus the Samaritans justified their false worship.
7. The seventh is one Sir Power; he maketh ever that warrantable which Law establisheth, ordaineth and decreeth, nor doth he seek to alter it. Great and capital sins in the Romish Synagogue are thus countenanced.
8. The eighth is Sir Sampler, who produceth for patterns great and learned men's examples, as if they could not do amiss; but whatsoever they do or say, it must be good and lawful, and therefore imitable without sin.
9. The ninth is Sir Mostdo, who maintained sin from a general practice, because multitudes do it here, and there, and everywhere; and therefore is it no sin to do such a thing, which almost all, or the greatest part, do.
10. The tenth is one Sir Silly, one made all of good meaning, who will qualify the fact by thinking no harm, or intending well. Thus would Saul have justified his rebellion, and Abimelech excused his taking of Abraham's wife. And thus vain persons excuse their wanton communication, profane oaths, foolish jestings, and such like, saying, they mean no harm, they only make themselves merry. Thus Sir Silly is he that maketh simple souls plead good meaning for all their foolish superstition, blind devotions, and licentious merriments.
11. The eleventh is Vain Hope, who teacheth to put off the fault to some other, as Adam to Eve, and Eve to the Serpent, and to deny the fact, as Cain did, even to God himself, hereby hoping to shift off sin, and to escape punishment, who maketh God all of mercy to the exclusion of justice.
12. The twelfth is the Lord Presumption; he feareth not judgment, he blesseth himself in his evil ways, he maketh a covenant with Death, and a league with Hell, and suffers sin to be his daily guest, and will let the Hue and Cry pass along without any fear of peril, as nothing at all concerning him.
13. The thirteenth is Sir Wilful, hating to be reformed; this is an obstinate friend for Sin, who will wilfully defend it, and be careless of all reproofs. This fellow in contempt will tread down the Hue and Cry under his feet, and maintain Sin.
14. The fourteenth is Sir Saintlike, which under the show and shadow of piety, and pretended honesty, will cover much iniquity, and hide it for a time, that it be not taken by the pursuer with the Hue and Cry; such were the hypocritical Scribes and Pharisees. These great ones, and many other more, are the friends of this thief and rebel; hut yet for all these favourites, Godly Jealousy espies him out in his harbour, and presently goeth to a Justice of Peace to procure a warrant for the Constable to attach him, and all his companions with him. The Justice is not one of a mean rank, or any petty Justice, but the very Lord Chief Justice of Heaven and Earth, the Lord Jesus; for it is he that can give the warrant to attach sin, no other warrant will sin obey. The warrant is the power of God's Word. The form of which warrant is, to search out and attach sin with all his associates, and to bring him and them before authority, to answer to such things as shall be objected against them in his Majesty the King of Heaven's behalf. The procuring of this warrant is by going unto and conferring with some of the Lord Chief Justice's Secretaries, the Writers of Holy Scriptures, setting down this charge, as Jeremiah doth, (Chapter 5) to search and try our ways.

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