Shorter Catechism - Redemption 2

Q. But as God made all will so Jesus Christ save us all?
A. No verily, many shall be damned, few shall be saved, Mat 7:13,14, only the elect, which take hold of Christ by a lively faith Jn 3:16,36; Mark 16:16.
Q. What is this lively faith?
A. It is a true persuasion of my heart, grounded upon God's promises, Eph 3:17; Rom 4:21, that Jesus Christ is given to me, Jn 3:16 and the mercies of his death and passion are as truly mine as if myself had wrought them, 2 Cor 5:21, Rom 8:1.
Q. How come you by this faith?
A. From my effectual calling by the word preached and the work of God's Spirit. Acts 14:48; Rom 10:14, 15; Eph 1:13.
Q. Where is set down the sum of your belief?
A. In my Creed, I believe in God the Father Almighty, etc.
Q. Are these a prayer or so to be used?
A. No: it teacheth me what to believe concerning God and his church.
Q. What good hath God's Church, the true believers above the rest of mankind?
A. They are in a state of grace, they have communion with Christ, and with one another, the forgiveness of sins, the glorious resurrection of the body and life everlasting.

Publications 16

Title: The seaven golden candlestickes Englands honour. The great mysterie of Gods mercie yet to come. With peace to the pure in heart aduising to vnitie among our selues. By Richard Bernard, minister at Batcombe in Somersetshire.
Imprint: London: Printed [by William Stansby] for Iohn Badge, dwelling in Pauls Church-yard at the signe of the Greene Dragon, 1621.
Date: 1621
Pages: [96] p
Notes: Miscellaneous treatises, each with caption title. Signatures: A4 B-H I4 (-A1,I4, blank?).
Copy from: Cambridge University Library

The four works are preceded by a dedication 'To the right honourable William Lord Cavendish Earl of Devonshire; John Lord Darcy, Baron of Meinell; John Lord Holleys Baron of Houghton' and 'To the right worshipful Sir Robert Philips, Sir John Horner, John Powlet and Robert Hopton, Justices of the Peace in Somerset'. Cavendish we have mentioned elsewhere but not the others.

Publications 15

Title: The good mans grace. Or His stay in all distresse. By Ric. Bernard
Imprint: London: Printed by Felix Kingston, 1621.
Date: 1621
Pages: [58] p.
Notes: On the Lord's prayer.
Signatures: A-B12 C6 (-A1, blank?).
Reproduction of the original in the Bodleian Library.
Copy from: Bodleian Library
Headed 'A brief exposition with observations on the Lord's Prayer' there is a brief dedication 'To the right worshipful his very good lady, the Lady Susanna Billingsley, and to the virtuous and Christianly affected Gentlewoman, Mistris Rebecca Strowde' and a preface.


Publications 14

Title: The fabulous foundation of the popedom: or A familiar conference between two friends to the truth Philalethes, and Orthologus shewing that it cannot be proued, that Peter was ever at Rome. VVhereunto is added a chronologicall description of Pauls peregrination with Peters travells, and the reasons why he could not be at Rome, that so the truth in one view may more fully and easily be seene of e-every one [sic]. 1 Thess 5:21 Prove all things, and hold fas that which is good.
Imprint: At Oxford: Printed by John Lichfield, and James Short, for William Spier, An. Dom. 1619.
Date: 1619
Pages: [8], 68 p.
Notes: Dedication signed: Richard Bernard. The chronologicall description is a folding leaf, init. R.B.B.. Imperfect; folding leaf lacking.
Copy from: Emmanuel College (University of Cambridge) Library
The text is preceded by a brief dedication to
'The right worshipful and reverend Mr Doctor Goodwin Dean of Christ Church and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford'
'Mr Dr Prideaux his Majesty's Professor of Divinity and Rector of Exeter College' and
'Mr Dr Benefield, the Lady Margaret's professor of Divinity in the same university.'
(These men are William Goodwin (1555/6–1620), generous and moderate John Prideaux (1578–1650), Goodwin's son-in-law and later Bishop of Worcester, and Sebastian Benefield 1559—1630, who Spurgeon calls a 'Puritan and thorough Calvinist' when commending his massive commentary on Amos.)
There is also a dedication to the reader and a summary of 20 reasons why Peter never went to Rome.


Publications 13

Title: A key of knowledge for the opening of the secret mysteries of St Iohns mysticall Reuelation By Ric: Bernard ... The contents ar in the next page before the booke
Imprint: At London: Imprinted by Felix Kyngston, 1617
Date: 1617
Pages: [60], 351, [1] p.
Notes: The title page is engraved. Running title reads: The opening of S. Iohns mysticall Reuelation. "The engr. tp is possibly a cancel"
Copy from: Cambridge University Library
The work is preceded by a long series of dedications. The first is in Latin to the Bishop of Bath and Wells; then come more in English - a nine page one to the judges of the land and the inns of court; another (over 16 pages long) to the Justices of the Peace; another, over 8 pages 'to the worthies of our David' (military men) and one (13 pages) to the Christian reader.
Next comes a brief bibliography and a contents page. The work itself is in 4 parts.


Publications 12

Title: A weekes worke, and a worke for every weeke by R. B.
Imprint: London: Printed by Felix Kyngston, and are to be sold by Nathanael Newbery,
Date: 1616
Pages: [10], 179 p.
Notes: [Edition statement:] The third edition. Signatures: A6(-A1) B-2H12 I6. Title within ornamental border.
Copy from Bodleian Library
This edition is dedicated 'To the virtuous and religious ladies, the Lady Elizabeth Barkley of Bruton, the Lady Elizabeth Barkley of Yearlington and the Lady Ann Horner.' Subsequent editions appeared in 1628 and 1650 (both with an extra dedication 'To the right honorable lady, the lady Helen, Marchioness of Northampton') . His text is 1 John 2:1. The first of these ladies would be the grand daughter of Henry Carey. The very last was the widow of widow of William Parr, Marquess of Northampton.