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Title: The ready way to good works, or, A treatise of charitie wherein, besides many other things, is shewed how wee may bee alwayes readie, and prepared both in affection and action to give cheerefully to the poor and to pious uses never heretofore published. By Richard Bernard, rector of the Parish of Batcombe in Sommersetshire.
Date: 1635
Imprint: London: Printed by Felyx Kyngston, and are to be sold by Edward Blackmore, at the signe of the Angell in Pauls Church-yard, 1635.
Pages: [22], 486, [6] p
Copy from: Emmanuel College Library (University of Cambridge)
Notes: There is a 4 page dedicatory epistle beginning "to the worthily honoured Sir John Wray and to his vertuous lady, all true happiness here and in heaven". Another seven page one is "To the right worshipful George Stroud, Esquire, and William his brother". This is George Strode (1583-1663) who later came to prominence a a royalist in the civil wars. There were several William Strodes. This William Strode (1562-1637) was an MP, one of the five members impeached by Charles I and quite different to his younger brother in his views. ODNB calls him "‘godly’ and anti-episcopal" in his "religious views" and notes "his assertion of parliamentary authority over prerogative and his political friendship for the Scots".
A further six pages describe the book's contents, which are in 24 short chapters.

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