Shorter Catechism - Sanctification

Of Sanctification

Q. How may it appear,that you have this faith and also these benefits?
A. By my sanctification
Q. Who doth sanctify you?
A. The Holy Ghost Rom 15:16
Q. What is sanctification?
A. It is a making new of the whole man whereby he daily dieth to sin and increaseth in holiness and righteousness Eph 4.23, 24 Gal 5:24 1 Thess 4:1
Q. What grace proceeds from this sanctification?
A. True repentance leaving that which is ill with hatred and performing new obedience with gladness of heart continually Jer 31:19, Acts 26:20, Pss 119:10, 115, 136, etc
Q. What estate now stand you in being sanctified and penitent?
A. I am in the blessed estate of grace wherein if I continue I shall inherit eternal life Tit 3:4, 5:6, 7, Rom 11:22, Matt 10:22, 2 Tim 4:8
Q. Why hath God made, redeemed, sanctified and hitherto preserved you?
A. To serve him truly all the days of my life Eph 2:10, Tit 2:11, 12, Lk 1:74, 75
Q. How must God be served?
A. Only after his will revealed in his written word, Deut 30:8, 10 and 4:2, 2 Cor 4:6

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