Publications 26

Title: A short vievv of the praelaticall Church of England vvherein is set forth the horrible abuses in discipline and government: layd open in ten sections by way of quaere and petition to the high and honourable court of Parliament: the severall heads whereof are set downe in the next two pages: newly corrected with additions: together with a short draught of church-government. 1641.
Date: 1641
Imprint: London : Printed by Jo. Beale for Thomas Underhill, and are to be sold at his shop
Pages: 4, 43 p
Copy from: Thomason Collection, British library
Notes: A short preface is addressed to parliament. Further editions of what already appears to be a further edition already appeared in 1641 and then later again in 1661 (where he is called John Barnard) with an anatomy of the common prayer added. It is not clear whether Richard Bernard held such views upon episcopacy in 1641. This work may have been by John Bernard, a Presbyterian, author of The Independents catechisme. 1645. Cf. Emanuel Green, Bibliotheca Somersetensis. 1902. v. 2, p. 165.

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