Publications 19

Title: Rhemes against Rome: or, The remoouing of the gagg of the new Gospell, and rightly placing it in the mouthes of the Romists, by the Rhemists in their English translation of the Scriptures. Which counter-gagg is heere fitted by the industrious hand of Richard Bernard ...,
Imprint: London: printed by Felix Kingston, for Ed. Blackmore, and are to be sold at his shop at the great south doore of Pauls.
Date: 1626
No. pages: [16], 326 p.
Copy from: Cambridge University Library
The work is preceded by a four page dedication 'to the right worshipful and worthily honoured Sir Ralph Hopton, Knight of the Bath' and a four page advetisement for the Christian reader. Hopton lived 1598-1652. He was a west country MP and later played a prominent role in the civil wars.

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