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Title: The isle of man: or, The legall proceeding in Man-shire against sinne. Wherein, by way of a continued allegorie, the chiefe malefactors disturbing both church and commonwealth, are detected and attached; with their arraignement, and iudiciall tryall, according to the laws of England.: A necessarie direction for waifaring Christians, not acquainted with those perillous wayes they must passe, before they happily arriue at their wished hauen. / By R.B. ...
Imprint: London,: Printed for Edw. Blackmore, at the great South doore of Pauls., 1626.
Date: 1626
Pages: [24], 287 p.
Notes: Dedication signed: Richard Bernard. Signatures: A-N12 (N12v blank). Marginal notes. Error in paging: p. 263 misnumbered 236.
Copy from: Folger Shakespeare Library
This is the first extant edition of at least 10 produced in Bernard's life time. Editions appeared in
1626, 1627 [2], 1628, 1629, 1630, 1632, 1634, 1635 and 1640 (all London). Subsequent editions appeared (all London unless otherwise marked) in 1648, 1658, 1659, 1668, 1674 (Glasgow), 1677 [2], 1683, 1719 (Boston), 1778 (Liverpool), 1803 (Bristol), 1851, 1976 and 1997.
The work is preceded by an 8 page dedication 'To the right worshipful Sir Thomas Thynne, knight, and to his religiously affected lady, the Lady Catherine Thinne' and one to the reader twice as long.
Sir Thomas Thynne was born before 1599 and was the son of Sir John Thynne and Joan Hayward. Catherine Lyle-Howard was his second wife. She was the daughter of Hon Charles Lyle-Howard.

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