Isle of Man Part 03

Isle of Man Part 3
To this watch-word, Godly Jealousy with his associates do willingly attend, keeping carefully the watch, so as the thief is seen, and presently they make Hue and Cry after him.
Thus Hue and Cry is written by the Bible-Clerk, and containeth infallible marks to discover sin, whereby it may be certainly known and they are these
1. By the Law of the Ten Commandments. For by it cometh the knowledge of sin; for every failing in that which is commanded, and every thought, word and deed, against that which is forbidden, is sin.
2. By every exhortation to virtue, and every dehortation from vice: being appendices to the commandments, showing what we ought to do and what ought to be shunned and avoided of us.
3. By every threatening which is in the Word of God’s displeasure for sin.
4. By punishment inflicted, which is certainly God’s hand for sin; for were he not provoked by sin, he would not afflict us.
5. By the humble confession of such as have acknowledged their sins in particular.
6. By plain accusations, laying sins to men’s charges. Isa 59:3, etc.
7. By reproofs and checks for sin. 2 Ch 19:2.
8. By places numbering up sins by name in sundry places in Scripture. Ro 1:29-32; 1 Tim 1:9,10; 2 Tim 3, etc; 1 Co 5:11; Gal 5:19-21; Re 21:8; Pr 11:1; Mic 6;11.
9. By the description of sin, showing what it is, as in 1 Jn 3:4; 5:17; Ro 14:23; Pr 21:4; 24:9; 1:21.
10. By the description of godly men negatively, by such things as they ought to avoid, as in Ps 1:1; 15:3-5; 24:4; Ez 18:8; Is 33:15; Ps 101:3; 16:4.
Lastly, by the description of wicked men by their bad qualities and conditions, Ps 10:2, 11; 12:2, 4; 57:21.

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