Isle of Man Part 02

The Isle of Man or Legal proceedings in Manshire Part 2
But before search can be made, a watch must be set to espy him out, that he may be arrested. The watchman appointed for this purpose is Godly Jealousy, who hath ever an holy suspicion of a man’s own ways, lest in any thing at any time he should misbehave himself.
This vigilant watchman has with him two assistants ever to accompany him; the one is Love-good, a zealous fellow for God and good duties. The other is Hate-ill, an angry and waspish fellow, and of a fierce countenance against sin.
These three ever keep together, so as sin cannot so cunningly enter, but they can quickly espy him, and as speedily pursue him and put him to flight.
The place where these are set watchmen, is called Soul’s Town, a town of great resort, a thoroughfare never without travellers, ill motions, day and night; and the posts, which are Satan’s suggestions, ever and anon pass through, and many at the common Inn, the Heart, take up their lodgings.
This town is very spacious and large, for besides many back-ways, by-lanes and out-corners, there are four great streets: Sense-street, Thought-street, Word-street and Deed-street; in some of which this lewd companion sin, and his cope-mates will be found wandering.
When the watch is set, they have a charge given them, by one in authority, which is this; keep thy soul diligently and withal they have a watchful eye to the Inn, and to take heed lest at any time there be an heart of infidelity to depart from the living God, commanding also the watchmen to exhort one another daily, lest their hearts be hardened with the deceitfulness of sin.
These watchmen have also a watch-word given them, even a word of preventing grace; saying to them, This is the way, walk in it, when they are turning to the right hand, or to the left.

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