Faithful Shepherd Contents

ONTENTS of the first edition of The Faithful Shepherd
Chapter 1
Of the necessity and excellence of the ministry and the word preached
Chapter 2
Of the lawful entrance of a minister into the ministry and also into his charge and place
Chapter 3
Of the minister’s wise and godly proceeding in his pastoral charge to teach his people
Chapter 4
Of Prayer before the Sermon
Chapter 5
Of the preface after the prayer and of the text of the Scripture
Chapter 6
Of the analysis and resolution of the text
Chapter 7
Of the annotations ('scholies') and interpretation of the words
Chapter 8
Of gathering doctrines from the text
Chapter 9
Of the making use of the doctrine, showing what to do with it
Chapter 10
Of application of the uses to the hearers
Chapter 11
Of prevention of objections
Chapter 12
Of the conclusion of the whole Sermon
Chapter 13
Of such things which are required of a Minister to perform the whole work

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