Quotations from Leland Ryken's "Worldly Saints"
Page 2
Christians "may be merry at their work, and merry at their meat" (From the Isle of Man)
Page 93
"common people respect more a preacher's life than his learning"
Page 249
He opposed any interpretation that did not with fundamental certainties. No exposition of any text, therefore, is right which does not "agree with the principles of Religion, the points of Catechism set down in the Creed, the Lord's Prayer, the Ten Commandments and the doctrine of Sacraments." (From Faithful Shepherd)
Page 251
To refuse to work is "contrary to God's injunction that men should labour, contrary to the practice of all the godly ... Let him or they whosoever, which think themselves religious indeed, make conscience to take pains in some calling and beware of living idly." (From Ruth's Recompense)

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