Shorter Catechism - Redemption 2

Q. But as God made all will so Jesus Christ save us all?
A. No verily, many shall be damned, few shall be saved, Mat 7:13,14, only the elect, which take hold of Christ by a lively faith Jn 3:16,36; Mark 16:16.
Q. What is this lively faith?
A. It is a true persuasion of my heart, grounded upon God's promises, Eph 3:17; Rom 4:21, that Jesus Christ is given to me, Jn 3:16 and the mercies of his death and passion are as truly mine as if myself had wrought them, 2 Cor 5:21, Rom 8:1.
Q. How come you by this faith?
A. From my effectual calling by the word preached and the work of God's Spirit. Acts 14:48; Rom 10:14, 15; Eph 1:13.
Q. Where is set down the sum of your belief?
A. In my Creed, I believe in God the Father Almighty, etc.
Q. Are these a prayer or so to be used?
A. No: it teacheth me what to believe concerning God and his church.
Q. What good hath God's Church, the true believers above the rest of mankind?
A. They are in a state of grace, they have communion with Christ, and with one another, the forgiveness of sins, the glorious resurrection of the body and life everlasting.

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